Please choose which type of induction best describes your requirements.

I am a full time, part time, casual, staff, or management employee who is normally based at this site.

Relief Staff

I am engaged as a relief staff member to teach students at St Stephens School.

Consultant or Contractor

I am a consultant, contractor or an employee/subcontractor of a contractor performing maintenance, contstruction or other works on any St Stephens School owned property.

Sports Coach or Club

Sports Coaches are engaged to support the co-curricular program of the School. Sports clubs who engage in a contract with the School to use School facilities.


Volunteers are community members performing work or contributing to the life of the School in some way in an unpaid capacity.


I am a staff member, student, contractor or hirer who would like to use, visit, work or host events in the St Stephens School Theatre.

Guest Speaker Exhibitor

I am a Guest Speaker or Exhibitor for an event at St Stephens School.

Professional Practice Student

I am a tertiary student attending St Stephens School for Professional Practice.