Please choose which type of induction best describes your requirements.
Rocklands Site Induction

Complete this induction if you require Full Site Access (New CuDeco Employee, Short and Long Term Contractors) This induction will cover information on Rocklands Mine Site. You will be required to undertake site specific inductions such as Process and Mining and the Critical Training Packages prior to arrival on site.

Rocklands Visitor Induction

You should only complete this induction if you are visiting the Operations. You will not be allowed to perform any form of manual work and the induction will only be valid for 7 days.

Rocklands Short Term Specialist - 14 Day Induction

A worker who is required to attend the Mine Site for a period of up to fourteen (14) days 1 x annually to carry out a work task or activity. The work activity or task maybe specialist in nature and/or be an urgent request for support or repairs to the operational equipment within the Mine Site. This Individual(s) shall supervised by a CuDECO host at all times.