Please choose which type of induction best describes your requirements.
Food and Beverage Contractor

I am an employee of Lightbox Group, performing Food & Beverage services to the GECC


Only to be completed once, by the Administrator of any Supplier companies to GECC. Employees of suppliers/contracts are to complete the GECC Induction

Friends of the Theatre

I am a current Friend of the Theatre - GECCs volunteer program

Other Contractor

I am an employee of a Supplier / Contractor to GECC - not to be used for Food & Beverage Contractor

Tour Stage Induction

I am a Tour Manager, Stage Manager or other person associated with a production on the GECC Stage or elsewhere in the GECC venue

GRC GECC employees

I am an employee of GRC/GECC - Full Time, Part Time or Casual

GECC Volunteer

I am a Volunteer (not Friends of the Theatre) direct to the GECC

GECC Work Experience

I am a Work Experience Student about to undertake work experience at the GECC

Shrek The Musical

I am Cast, Crew or Production Committee of the 2018 Combined Schools Musical