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Permit to work registry

When setting up an online permit to work system, one of the core benefits is establishing a centralised online registry of all permits to work. By doing this, you not only have historical safe work permits to search and keep record of in a centralised place, but you can also have real-time on demand permit management.

Divide up your permits into categories by type, active permits, awaiting authorisation, closed, classified by site, location or hazard and dive into the metrics and trends per contractor or contracting company.

Real-time permit management
Categorise by permit type
Site specific or job specific permit register
Search history, historical metrics and trends analysis
Close permits registry
Currently active / issued permits
Awaiting authorisation

Setting up your own custom permit to work registry is easy. Customise the fields, forms and columns and invite other team members to have access online for a completely centralised permit to work management system.

Try setting up an online permit to work register here:

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