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What is visitor management and why is it important to manage visitors on site?

Visitor management is the method you setup for managing the flow of visitors in and out of the workplace by checking them in and out upon arrival and exit, giving them a short safety induction and recording the basics of who they are, why they are here, what come they came from and who they are visiting. Tracking how many times the visitor has come on site and how many visitors are currently on site right now are critical safety measurement tools to ensure that in the event of an emergency, you can notify all visitors on site and know who they are and where they are.

Best practice visitor management ensures that when a visitor arrives at a workplace, they are going through a consistent welcome and safety awareness process, typically done digitally on a tablet or kiosk environment. they might enter their personal details in to check in such as their name, phone, email, company name and who it is they are visiting. They might enter in their next of kin details for capturing who to contact in the event of an emergency and they might go through a short visitor induction to be aware of and acknowledge important safety materials for the site or workplace they are visiting.

Issuing a visitors card or sticker

A good visitor management system typically involves issuing an induction card or sticker upon successfully checking in as a visitor so that they can wear or carry it around on site. This serves as both proof of compliance and being verified as checked in on site as well as allowing for repeat easy in and sign out where the visitor could simply scan their card or sticker for repeat access rather than having to sign in again fresh. With a wireless sticker printer connected to a tablet, a visitor could sign in and generate their sticker all in real-time and on the spot. The card or sticker itself might have their photo, name, company name, date and who they are visiting.

Who's on site right now?

The traditional paper based visitor sign in system had no tracking or accountability. With a visitor sign in system you can see which visitors are active and currently on site right now, how long have they been on site and even send them an alert in the event of an emergency such as a fire or other emergency situation.

Preventing access to site

If a visitor is from a non compliant company or someone you don't want visiting the workplace for other reasons, you can establish a block system to prevent access to site via a visitor management system. This prevents unwanted visitors from signing in to the workplace.

Delivering Visitor Inductions at Sign In

A good visitor management system ensures that new visitors arriving are properly inducted into the specific workplace location they are visiting. Emergency evacuation procedures, assembly points, fire emergency tones, fire warden procedures, next of kin, site map and site access are all critical site specific induction topics that visitors need to be aware of when signing in for the first time.

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