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Contractor Prequalification

Software to create and manage the contractor prequalification process

Create your own contractor prequalification form or use our ready to go templates and ensure all contractor companies have go through a special prequalification before they are approved to work with your organisation.

Prequalify them on their insurance, safety record, quality record, performance of their staff and that they comply with your policies and procedures.

The contractor prequalfication process is the first step of enganging a contractor company and your first opportunity to set your standards, expectations and guidelines for them to follow.

Contractor Prequalification:

Create your own personalised form using our drag and drop form builder
Collect certifications, insurances and other uploads from the contractor company
Create a survey to ask questions that cover the important check list checks you need
Collect expiry dates on materials with automatic reminders
Induct them on import policies and procedures
Ensure they comply with your safety standards and have a good safety record
Measure their quality record
Measure their performance record

Set up different forms for different industries and different contractor company types.

Massive library of forms

Insurance details
Safety history survey
Quality history survey
Staff performance evaluation
Payrol details
Collecting contacts
Support details
Service details

See how our contractor prequalification system can work for your organisations needs by looking at the online demo

Online Demo
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