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Looking to Create a site Induction?

Using our site induction system you can create a custom site induction for your project or workplace. Set up a site specific induction for contractors, employees and visitors to complete before they arrive on site.

Creating a Site Induction Have them go through important safety topics and workplace courses, your organisations induction content, collect important materials from them including insurances, certifications, licenses, tickets, emergency contact details, HR new starter information, medical details or other important requirements you need to collect as part of the new starter working on your site or project.

Ensure everyone is inducted and fully understands important safety policies and procedures and meet site induction legal requirements. As people arrive on site, cross check that they are still compliant and set up automatic re-inductions.

Assessments, check lists, document libraries, set up virtual or immersive inductions for fully site specific experiences.

Managing Site Inductions

It's never been easier to manage your inductions, induction registries and develop new ones. Who has been inducted to which site? How many inductions has each team memember done? What about location specific inductions within a facilities or building.

Using our Site Induction tool you can easily create and deliver site inductions to your contractors, employees and visitors with specific site induction courses, content and materials. Create a safer workplace, encourage a people culture change and prevent incidents with a proper and comprehensive site induction.

Upload existing site induction content

No need to reinvent your content, simply upload existing content as is and publish onto your online site induction portal.

Site Induction App

Everyone is on mobile, so should your site induction. Setup a site induction ona dedicated and branded mobile app. your organisation site induction the mobile app for iPhone or android.

Most Common Site Induction Steps

Collecting licenses and certifications from your new arrivals such as insurances, evidence of safety procedures and compliance before working on site

A General Induction covering everything you need to know about working at the organisation

A site induction, specifically covering everything about working at the site or location you are working at from incident reporting procedures to hazards and safety procedures.

A site specific induction certificate or card that states the site inducted for, expiry date and company details.

Site Induction Features

Track your contractors and employees ongoing compliance
Collect certifications, expiry dates and licenses
Use mass communication tools
Site specific workflows functionality
Compliance reminders
Setup multiple site inductions
GPS site in and site on tracking on site
Collect emergency contact, next of kin, medical information & more
Contractor / Supplier Registration
Pre-qualification + Required Documents (collect insurances, certifications and more)
Contractor / Supplier Verification
Individual site induction
Ongoing compliance and reminder verification

See how our site induction system can work for your organisation by looking at the online demo via the form above or - Contact Us

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  • Easy to setup and create inductions for contractors, employees, suppliers and visitors
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