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Published 03/02/2024

Best Online Compliance Training Setup Guide

What is Online Compliance Training used for?

Compliance training is the process of educating employees and contractors on company policies and procedures, responsibilities and regulations in relation to working safely in their workplace, awareness of legal obligations and avoiding violations of the law, achieving acknowledgement that the workers understands and will abide by these compliance areas and establishing an organisation culture around compliance.

It is an organisations legal obligation to adhere to prescribed statutes and standards ranging from state and commonwealth legislation, and from industry codes of practice. These requirements mean organisations not only need to provide appropriate training and work instructions to contractors and employees, but that this is done in a consistent and timely manner, validating that the training has been done correctly including an audit trail. This might form part of your contractor management system with initial compliance awareness during the contractor induction. For employees, awareness might be delivered via the employee induction.

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How Online Compliance Training Works?

It's the first step to working with your organisation and the first entry point for being engaged by your workplace. It's also done annually to ensure ongoing compliance. It's the most logical area for setting up your online compliance training. All contractors and employees complete their compliance training courses BEFORE they start work in your organisation or workplace.

See examples:

Sample Contractor Induction

Sample Employee Induction

Contractor Prequalification

Another important aspect is ongoing re-compliance, to ensure that staff remain compliant and engage through annual re-training on compliance.

Why Compliance Training is important

Compliance training has an impact across a lot of industries, workplaces and different workforce types. There are many different fields to compliance ranging from compliance with fire safety, external programs, certifications, third party accreditations, internal safety, regulatory compliance and industry specific compliance. With so many different areas, its important that staff who are exposed to those fields be across and familiar with compliance that impacts both them and the business. This is where compliance training programs will help educate and ensure staff are up to speed on the impacts and compliance requirements to ensure they are compliant and reduce the risk of a compliance breach. For contractors this will commonly be part of your overall contractor compliance management and your contractor management system.

Compliance Training Features

Common features you might include in your compliance training include:

Compliance course authoring tools and eLearning
Ready to go compliance content library or create your own using our templates
Upload your own content and supports SCORM
Training on mobiles and tablets
Safety Training Program
How to use the Safety Management System
Making sure everyone goes through a Safety Induction
Setting up a training matrix for all staff
Compliance content such as compliance presentations and slideshows for your workers to progress through and be educated on important workplace compliance topics
Compliance assessments to ensure workers understand their obligations and acknowledge the important compliance content
Acknowledgement of important compliance policies and procedures and manage performance
Collect important materials from employees and contractors as part of their compliance such as insurances, certifications and evidence of training
Collect emergency contact details
Automatic reminders on when those items are due to be renewed
Having an effective Onboarding Program in place

Online Compliance Courses

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Go mobile

In todays world, everyone is on a tablet or iPhone / Android phone. It's important to engage your workforce on these devices. Setting up your compliance training to be mobile based is a major element towards a successful compliance training platform.

Enhanced Contractor Compliance

From compliance spot checks as contractors come in on site through to contractor company compliance background reviews, ongoing compliance management, compliance reminders to contractors and a full deep understanding of the compliance status of your contractors now and into the future.

Create your own compliance training courses

Using our course authoring tool you can create your own compliance training courses from scratch. We have ready to go templates that can enable you to hit the ground running and setup fast and quick compliance training courses but customised and personalised to your industry and workplace.
Or you can use our ready to go compliance training course content and start training your workforce today

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