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Safety Induction
- Design Online Safety Inductions and Best Tips for Creating a Safety Induction

A safety induction is a required step for engaging your contractors, employees and visitors regarding working safely on site and in the workplace. A safety induction is often done before a contractor or new employee begins working in their job or task in order to ensure that they are job safe ready. It's typically made up of a series of steps around performing a job role safely by properly going through safety training, a site tour, hazards in the workplace to be aware of, collecting important licenses and certifications as evidence of training and being tested on their competency.

The most common way its delivered is via an online safety induction. Common topics to include in a safety induction range from Fire Extinguisher, Hand Held Power Tools, Injury Management, Infection Control, Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Awareness and Working at Heights.

How to get started?

Set up your safety induction or safety orientation online. Transform your safety checklist or safety handbook into an interactive online format. We've got how to guides, induction design tools, safety induction best practice and other great resources below.

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Turn powerpoints into online slideshows. Distribute to your workforce easily via an online link and they'll be able to complete your safety induction entirely online. Record when they did it and that they acknowledge and understand it.

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Safety Induction System Features

Track your contractors and employees ongoing compliance
Collect certifications, expiry dates and licenses
Use mass contractor communication tools
Work Flow functionality
Compliance reminders
Safety training online
Upload existing safety orientation or safety induction
Collect emergency contact, next of kin, medical information & more
Transform your existing safety handbook and safety checklist into an online one

Safety Management and Prequalification Process

Contractor / Supplier Registration
Pre-qualification + Required Documents (collect insurances, certifications and more)
Contractor / Supplier Compliance Verification
Individual and organisation safety induction
Compliance spotcheck as they arrive on site / sign in & out tracking
Ongoing safety compliance and reminder verification
Manage safety documentation such as a Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statement

We offer you a custom built portal for safety management requirements such as:

  • Safety Online Induction
  • Safety compliance control
  • Safety Orientation
  • Online tests with scoring
  • Document management portal
  • Online Hazard Registry
  • Facility induction cards for contractors and employees
  • Load all your own safety material and manage for your self
  • Site specific safety inductions as well as organisation wide safety inductions

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    What to include in a Safety Induction Presentation

    Safety Induction Check List Here we look at some sample slides and topics to include in an effective Safety Induction Presentation.

    Start with a general introduction into your organisation and workplace. Having an understanding of where they are working is a critical foundation for a safety induction.

    Move into the people and org chart. Understanding the role and where they fit in helps with understand responsibilities, safety reporting workflows and even understanding the role itself.

    Next you might talk about the specifics of the workplace requirements, policies and procedures around working at heights on site, electrical safety, confined spaces, PPE, Hazards, Incident Reporting procedures, tools for reporting near misses, safety observations, specific site areas to be aware of hazards and other critical safety precautions, the do's and don'ts on site, quality, environmental and general awareness of safety procedures, policies, team behaviour and mental fitness topics.

    With these topics you can ensure:

    Ensure that all suppliers / contractors undertaking physical work know your safety requirements and are able to work safely on all our sites.

    Ensure that suppliers / contractors are safe while working on sites and that your customers, visitors and staff are also kept safe.

    Provide one standardised induction to enable all suppliers and contractors to access all sites rather than have to complete many brand specific inductions.

    Try setting up a safety induction online

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