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Published 22/09/2022

Construction Orientation
- Best Construction Safety Orientation

A construction safety orientation is a critical part of engaging and starting workers and contractors on a construction site. All workers and contractors should complete a comprehensive online construction safety orientation.
This ensures that all workers on a construction site are fully aware and prepared for reporting new and unknown hazards they encounter, being aware of how to work safely with known hazards, how to report safety incidents, how to respond in an emergency, safety procedures and safe work practices, safety policies and procedures, site access and site protocols, contracting requirements and general safety and procedure based requirements for working on a construction site.

A construction orientation is often the first thing a trade, contractor or construction worker will do before they step foot on a construction site to start working. It may be a site orientation that covers site specific risks, hazards, forms, check lists and other site specific information that contractors needs to be aware of before they arrive on site, helping them become fully job ready through the site orientation.

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Best safety topics to include

From all the construction sites we work with, we have compiled a list of the most common topics organisations are including in their safety orientations:

Accident and Emergencies


Apply First Aid

Asbestos Awareness

Basic First Aid

Bullying Harassment

Code of conduct

Confined Space

Confined Space Entry

Corruption and Bribery


Drugs and Alcohol

Electrical Safety

Fire Extinguisher

Fraud Awareness

Hand Held Power Tools

Health and Safety in the Retail Industry

High Risk Environments

Hot Works

Incident Investigation

Injury Management

Lock Out / Tag Out

Manual Handling

Manual Tasks for Construction Workers


Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Safety

Safety Awareness

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Slips Trips and Falls

Stress Management

Sustainability In the Workplace

Work Health Safety Fundamentals

Working at Heights

Working with Silica Dust

Orientation Structure

The most common structure for a construction orientation is a series of steps ranging from collecting materials and requirement information from trades, contractors and construction workers through to presenting site specific content, assessments and check lists.

Step 1: Collect evidence of training, certifications, licenses, insurances, emergency contact details and known medical issues that could affect your role on site
Step 2: Present important safety topics as an online safety orientation
Step 3: get acknowledgement of important criteria, policies and procedures from an orientation check list
Step 4: ensure important procedures and safety materials are accessible and downloaded online from a construction safety library
Step 5: most importantly, ensure assessments are in place to ensure workers understand what they have been going through

Site Orientation before arriving on site

The orientation enables all contractors to be job ready before they arrive on site, covering all aspect of safety, procedures to follow, policies to be aware of, hazards and risks that are site specific and everything that's needed to help ensure the contractor will work safe and is compliant. A site specific orientation will be different to an organisation wide one where instead the orientation is focused on the specific of the site the contractor is going to be working at. These might include site specific hazards, forms, check lists, orientation content, assessments and other site specific materials. A contractor may even go through multiple site orientations if they are working across a portfolio of sites or projects, each with differing materials, forms and resources to go through.

Why is a construction orientation important?

Without a construction orientation taking place, trades, contractors and workers who are engaged to work on a construction site are at serious safety risk to themselves and their coworkers. A construction orientation is a critical first step towards ensuring everyone works safely while on site giving them the important information about hazards, safety risks, procedures, policies and all site specific information that they need to know about the specific construction site they are working at. From how to report an incident, to how to access the site, who to report issues to, how to respond to an emergency, where to evacuate to and even how to work on site, these important areas are all communicated through the safety orientation first.

As the first point engagement, the orientation is the perfect tool to introduce workers to everything that is important when it comes to working at a construction site. With modern technologies, virtual tours of the construction site can be done online so that workers feel like they are familiar with where they are going to be working before they arrive there. How to access the site, from what gate, what PPE should they be wearing, how do they check out, do they need a special access card, how to access it and much more can all be conveyed through a construction safety orientation done online and before starting the job.

Tools to create a construction orientation?

With our online orientation tool, you can create and deliver orientations quickly and easily online. Create online orientation slides about your construction site, access, safety, publish policies and procedures all using our online orientation creator.
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