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Published 07/09/2023

Best Company Induction Setup for 2024

A company induction is the first step to introducing your workforce into the company before they start work. It involves inducting them on important policies, procedures, the company culture, meeting the team and becoming job ready as well as providing important getting started materials and ensuring they have read and understood everything they need to get started with work on their first day.

Setting up a corporate induction involves a lot of careful though and a solid structure. Here we talk about what are the best company induction setup steps to include for 2024.
First what is a corporate company induction and why do you need one? A company induction is generally an overview of your company operations, vision, history, introduction to the organisation, policies and operations overview. It gives new starters a warm welcome into your organisation and its structure and purpose as well as given them an introduction into your culture and mission.

A company induction is typically done before the new starter begins work at your organisation and might begin online weeks before they start their role and not long after being told they got the job. The company induction might be a component inside your wider contractor management system, contractor induction, employee induction and supplier onboarding.

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Company Culture

Creating a positive company culture is important for all organisations and can increase staff retention. The first opportunity to set this is during the initial company induction.

What are your company values, its mission and purpose? Setting these in a company induction is the first step to introducing and embedded these values into your new staff member.

If a staff member has come from a previous hostile work culture, the induction is a chance to set the boundaries and vision of a new culture right from the get go.

Meet the team and Company Structure

Who are the founders of the company? why did they start it? how long ago? tell the company story and why it's important for a staff member to be part of this mission and company purpose. Who are they reporting to? present a company org chart in the induction and showcase who they report to, where do they go if there are issues, who are their peers and co workers, how big is this company?

Create a memorable introduction

First impressions last and so do inductions. A good company induction gives the new starter a high impact first impression about the company they are about to work for and the role they are about to commit their life to. Using digital technologies you can create truly high impact induction experiences beyond just a text and image slideshow and really set the excitement level and dedication commitment of your new staff member as a high level to strive to. Engage them well in the induction and they'll engage you well as a worker.

Policies and operations

A good company induction also sets policies and an operations overview during the initial company induction. Let the new staff member know what's appropriate, work attire standards, HR policies, things they need to be aware of and acknowledge before they step foot on site on their first day.

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Virtual View of the Company for Remote Staff

A great way to induct remote staff into a company is with a virtual view of the office, tour of the team, exploring the workplace virtually and with an immersive experience. This way new staff feel and especially remote staff, feel better connected to the workplace, their team and company as part of joining the organisation enabling them to experience and see the workplace befor they start or if they can't be there in person.

Organisations large and small

No matter how large or small an organisation is, a company induction is an important knowledge management tool. It can be a direct contributor to helping establish company culture and when employees does leave their role, you can build a knowledge base for the role so that new employees who take over the position have the ground work to pick up on.

The company induction should set the framework for what your organisation is about, its culture, meet the team and everything a staff member needs to know to be job ready.

Company Induction Forms and Templates

Have a look at our company induction templates and forms to help you build your own company induction:

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