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Permit to Work Software: Online Permit to Work System for Managing Safe Work Permits

A permit to work is required for any task that has the potential to affect the health and safety of people in the workplace and is used to ensure that work is done safely. It involves a process of requesting, reviewing, authorising and documentation of a safe work permit for the work to ensure there are non conflicting tasks being carried out by other workers and that appropriate controls, certifications, hazards are identified, risk assessments are completed and if relevant, isolation management implemented.
A permit to work system sets out the procedure for instructions on what work is to be done for the task, where, and when as well as a responsible person assigned to assess the task and check safety at each stage.

Best practice permit to work software involves implementing a system to issue work permits online via tablets or mobile devices to your workforce and contractors and to have a centralised online permit register to manage permits to work including expiry dates, history, awaiting review and responsible persons.

Types of Permits to Work

Every workplace and site is different and there are many varying situations and tasks where a permit to work is required. Common ones include:

- Hot work permit
- Radioactive materials
- Dangerous chemicals
- Excavations
- Power supplies
- Confined spaces
- Excavation
- Working at heights
- Electrical
- Other hazardous conditions

The permit to work specifies the hazards and the risk control measures that contractors need to be aware of before they start work on the task. It is a critical instrument for communicating and ensuring full awareness of important safety information in relation to the specific task they are about to do. When a contractor arrives on site, it's critical that before they begin their work tasks, they are instructed upon and issued the specifics around the hazards and risk controls in relation to that job task. If this isn't done, you expose the contractor to a high level of risk when conducting their work which could result in an injury to the contractor or your coworkers.

Online Safe Work Permit Management

Traditionally managed on paper, an online permit to work system is far more effective in real-time safe work permit management and faster sign off, raising of the permit, updating it and awareness of changing hazards in the workplace.

Tasks can be ordered by job number, job site, date or other job specific filters so that you can have a central registry of contractor jobs and tasks along with all the critical safety information for each job such as safe work method statements or JSA's and even a matching hazard registry in relation to that job. All permit documentation and records centrally consolidated and accessible in a centralised permit system. When the job is completed, the permit to work forms can be closed and you can then have a permanent registry of closed permits to search and access as an ongoing permit to work registry.

Search Permits to Work

Contracting companies can access and search relevant permits for high risk work on demand and in real-time. Establish a search engine dedicated to your organisations safe work permits for real-time and historical permit records for different sites and work locations.

Permit to Work Software Template

Have a look at our permit to work system template right here:

Custom Safe Work Permits

Customise different permit to work forms using our dedicated permit form builder. Create different custom notification and authorisation rules and personalise your own workflows so that the permit to work system fits your organisations unique requirements. No two workplaces are the same!

Tablet / Mobile Permit to Work Management

Everyone is on mobile these days and its a critical platform to use for front line workers so that they have access to permit to work management on demand. Contractors will complete a permit to work form from a tablet / iPad or mobile phone / Android / iPhone or they can also access and progress through permit to work forms before they arrive on site using a dedicated web portal.
A permit request is then sent to the responsible person who views the information for compliance and risk checks and then authorises it or provided feedback. The approval, rejection or feedback notification is then sent to the contractor. They can then proceed with the job task and when completed, signs out. The responsible person is notified of job completion and can close the permit to work.

Most common activities that require a permit to work system

The most common job tasks that require a permit to work system are ones that involve high safety risks such as working in confined spaces, hot and cold work and electrical activities. These job tasks require important safety checks before hazardous work can commence.

Precautions to be taken

Imagine every time work or tasks are being done around your facility, site or workplace, no matter what location, site access point or facility is being worked on, there is a constant awareness in real-time of what hazards affect that area and what precautions need to be taken? Control the work areas and job tasks that are potentially hazardous by using innovative and a modern permit to work system to digitally document which work is to be done and the precautions to be taken in order to carry that work out.

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