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New Employee Induction Guide: Tips for Creating Employee Inductions

Employee Induction features All new employees need to go through a proper and comprehensive induction before they start work and being their job. A new employee induction should consist of a mixture of payroll and HR setup materials, an online employee handbook, induction pack, a safety induction covering important workplace safety topics and procedures, presentations, policies to acknowledge and understand, new employee checklist and assessments and workplace courses that help onboard the employee into the organisation. and

What are the best ways to construct an effective new employee induction? What is the best platform for delivery employee inductions and what to include in it?

Best Steps to Include in a New Employee Induction

What are the best steps to have in your employee induction structure and what sort of things should you include?

Collecting materials from new starters such as payroll information, required HR setup details, signing forms and entering in new starter information
Collecting emergency contact details, next of kin, who to contact in the event of an emergency
Known medical issues that could affect role / working safely on site
Going through a safety induction and presentation in order to understand important workplace safety topics and ensuring that all new employees can work on site safely
Completion of HR and workplace specific courses especially around topics such as bullying and harassment, code of conduct, sexual harassment, drugs and alcohol.
Acknowledgement of HR policies and procedures
Testing their understanding through an assessment

these steps would be a mix of online forms, check lists, document libraries, presentations and assessments.

Common ways to deliver the employee induction

You might have a mix of face to face and online for the best new employee induction experience. New staff might initially go through an online induction going through the above steps and then once starting the role, do additional face to face onboarding activities such as a workplace tour, introductions to team members and line manager follow ups for that personal touch.

Face to face

Want to try out an employee induction setup? Get started right here:

Most common slides in a new employee induction slideshow presentation

We've put together the most common slides that organisations have in their new employee inductions, here we go!

Who the management are
Site access / access hours / workplace opening hours
Overview of the organisation and its mission
HR manager details and overview
How to report an incident or hazard
Code of conduct
Bullying and harassment policy
Sexual harassment policy and how to report it
Drugs and alcohol policy and how to report it
Off limit areas to avoid
Hazards to be aware of
Dress code
Meet the team
First aid kit location
Emergency procedures

Employee Induction Templates and Common Materials Library

Setting up an employee induction can be extremely time consuming if you don't know where to start and don't have any content or materials ready to use. To save time, we've prepared a massive library of common employee topics, workplace materials and employee specific induction content (especially for different employee roles types such as casual employees, full time, part time etc).

Setup an Employee Induction

See how an online new employee induction can work for your organisation by looking at the online demo via the form above or try out a demo employee induction

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What's New 26/05/2020

New Employee toolkit:

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Best slides to include in a new employee induction

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