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COVID-19 Induction Tools for Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace

There are many areas to manage across a workplace to be on top of COVID-19 risks to employees, contractors and visitors in a workplace. From ensuring staff and contractors have gone through COVID-19 Induction Training through to Prescreening contractor arrivals and establishing COVID-19 Incident management. A COVID-19 Induction and orientation ensures all workers understand everything they need to know about working on site and the important safety policies, procedures and training around COVID-19 risks, safety and management in the workplace. This might form part of your overall induction program or it may be a stand alone induction just for COVID-19 management.

It's essential to develop preparedness and response plans for coronavirus prevention at the workplace putting into consideration all the workspaces and duties done by the workers and the potential source of exposure. Preparation for employees, contractors and visitors to get back to work is essential. Using tools to assess the workplace risk levels to ensure safety in both the lower exposure risk jobs and medium exposure risk jobs.

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Covid-19 Online Induction for staff, contractors and visitors with check lists and management tools

To help workplaces, we've created a special toolset to help with managing your staff and sites in reducing the risk and improving awareness of COVID-19. Ensure all contractors and staff go through a COVID-19 coronavirus induction. The situation is constantly changing every day in different ways across cities around the world. Whether your organisation operates in a high impact hot zone or one that is opening up with reduced restrictions, its equally critical to ensure your staff, contractors, employees and visitors are inducted on COVID-19 coronavirus policies, procedures, local health authority updates, alerts, protocols and site access information in order to be job ready, work safely and be aware of the risks and practices around COVID-19 and working on site.

Covid-19 Workplace Management Tools

Covid-19 Induction

Covid-19 Workplace Checklist
(for managers, contractors or employees)

COVID-19 Checklist for Employees

Health and Hygiene Incident Report

Retail Opening Induction Guide

Schools Re-Opening
Induction Guide

Sign In Prescreening Form
Visitor COVID19 Questionnaire

COVID19 Verification of Vaccination

Contractor Vaccination Declaration

Contractor COVID19 Management

COVID19 Vaccine Tracking

Vaccine Management Software

Some of the elements you might include in a COVID-19 Induction include and additional resources:

COVID-19 Home Office Readiness Checklist

COVID-19 Contractor, employee and visitor induction

Get Started with a COVID-19 Induction Course

Create COVID-19 Learning Courses for Staff

It's most critical to ensure all contractors, employees and visitors are fully aware of your workplace policies and procedures in relation to managing COVID-19 and awareness around prevention and reducing the risk in your workplace. Set up an orientation online and distribute it to all staff to complete and acknowledge.

With a COVID-19 specific induction, you can cover important topics such as:

- What is COVID-19 and how does it spread
- How to prevent the spread in the workplace
- How Can Businesses Protect Employees From COVID-19
- Educating employees on proper hand hygiene
- Conducting a risk assessment in the workplace to determine the level of risk of infection
- Procedures regarding employees who are sick or become sick while in the workplace
- Policies around employees staying at home when they're not feeling well

Technologies to help you manage COVID-19 in the workplace

See how integrating these three areas can help your workplace manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace

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Try setting up a Visitor COVID19 Questionnaire

Explain COVID-19 Symptoms in your induction

Include in your induction the symptons. Sore throat, headache, fatigue, runny nose, dry cough. Please review the health advice in your local area from Health Authorities for more specific information. Its important that your induction include the local health authority advice and resources specific to your region.

How it spreads

Talk about in your induction how prevent works. Prevention and how you can help limit the spread of the virus

What you can do in the workplace
- covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
- disinfecting and cleaning surfaces
- avoiding touching your face

Protecting yourself and others to stop the spread

Social distancing in the workplace

Again, review the official health advice in your local area from Health Authorities for more specific information for your region and make sure your induction reflects this. If you have staff in different regions, you would be best to ensure each induction is region specific.

Checks for before you travel to site or arriving at work

Making sure your explain to your staff, contractors and visitors in the induction the processess and procedures around:

- checking for symptoms
- feeling unwell
- contact with a COVID-19 case
- considered as being in the high risk category
- maintaining personal hygiene

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Preparing your workplace for COVID-19

Conducting a risk assessment

Conducting a COVID-19 risk assessment

COVID-19 Orientation

COVID-19 Checklist

Retail Reopening

Visitor COVID19 Questionnaire

COVID19 Vaccine Tracking