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Freshman Orientation Program: Freshman Orientation Ideas and Themes

A freshman orientation program is often established to help assist and introduce first year students in preparing for and adjusting to student life at College. The freshman orientation program typically consists of a full orientation package made up of an overview of the College, its mission, values, the campus, departments, locations and contacts. It can include student led discussion groups, discussions with members of staff, the faculty, a tour of the campus, an introduction to the library, how to prepare with study skills and details on social gatherings and meeting other new students as well as hearing from current and old ones. A good freshman orientation program can result in new friendships, learning coping skills and being fully prepared for College life.

What is the best way to setup a freshman orientation? given the wide use of mobile devices and the Internet, an Online Freshman Orientation Program is a great medium for delivering the orientation to students

Steps to include in your Freshman Orientation

What are the best steps to include in a freshman orientation program?

Online tour of the campus to become familiar with buildings and locations
Policies and procedures acknowledgement
Campus mission and values overview
Overview of the departments, schools, faculties
Important contacts
Details on discussion groups
Introduction to the library
How to meet past and present students as mentors
Overview on how to cope with campus life and study skills
Emergency procedures

Things to avoid

When your creating a freshman orientation, here's the lessons learned on what not to do

A giant handbook that no one reads
Skipping important safety topics such as emergency procedures
Failing to onboard students to the actual facility, buildings and location
Didn't give an overview of the mission and values, ethics and conduct
Wasn't fun and engaging!

Freshman Orientation Features

If you are thinking about establishing an online freshman orientation program, here's the specific features that we've created so that you can set up a streamlined and consistent orientation experience for students

Orientation new student checklist

Campus orientation course

Orientation online assessment

Online policies and procedures to acknowledge

Interactive online tour of the campus

Orientation games

Student profiles

Online chat groups for students

Contacts database

Other things you might include in a freshman orientation program might include important dates, Costs, Registration details, Check-In and Schedule, International Students, Housing, Directions and Parking Permit, What to Bring, Family Orientation, Advising and Course Registration, Mobile Guide and Accommodations.

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