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Student Orientation Ideas: Freshman Orientation Games, Tips and Themes

You're thinking about doing something fun for the student orientation? You have the basics such as an introduction to the organisation, mission, values, faculty, how to cope with study, where to go and when... but you want to make something engaging and interactive that really brings out the best experience for your new students? Well, we've compiled the best list of student orientation ideas and we'll walk you through each one

Student Orientation Games

Everyone loves games, I think it was the President of Nintendo who once said there is a gamer inside all of us. Games are a great way to create a memorable experience and if done well, can make the best welcome and orientation. Here's some good games to think about:

Meeting current and past students

Inspiration can come in many forms and for students, sometimes its about seeing what the immediate future looks like. Why should I stick to College or University, why am I here again? Seeing future or current students is a re-enforcement of why it matters and what direction they can head in or what career they might end up in. What does success look like? It can be highly engaging and inspirational to meet and learn from existing and past students and a great way to enhance the student orientation.

Try out creating an online student orientation right here:

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