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Published 22/01/2022

Student Orientation Ideas: Freshman Orientation Games, Tips and Themes

Orientation is a critical process within any institution. It guides students on what and when to do activities. In other words, it encourages free flow activities. However, making it an enjoyable process matters a lot. Since students need to be handled more engagingly, games make the orientation more participatory.

They learn the institution protocols quickly when interactive activities are incorporated. Students need to get the real picture of the future and get the essence of being in school. So, students need live examples for them to believe. One way of creating engaging orientation is by using student games.

Memories matter, and physical activities stick to the mind more than theory. Freshman defines the orientation games and motivation from prominent people in the society or successful alumni. When successful people inspire the students, they realize why they are in school and work hard. Here is a list of Freshman orientation games that contribute to the orientation program.

You're thinking about doing something fun for the student orientation? You have the basics such as an introduction to the organisation, mission, values, faculty, how to cope with study, where to go and when... but you want to make something engaging and interactive that really brings out the best experience for your new students? Well, we've compiled the best list of student orientation ideas and we'll walk you through each one

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Student Orientation Games

Everyone loves games, I think it was the President of Nintendo who once said there is a gamer inside all of us. Games are a great way to create a memorable experience and if done well, can make the best welcome and orientation. Here's some good games to think about:

Meeting current and past students

Inspiration can come in many forms and for students, sometimes its about seeing what the immediate future looks like. Why should I stick to College or University, why am I here again? Seeing future or current students is a re-enforcement of why it matters and what direction they can head in or what career they might end up in. What does success look like? It can be highly engaging and inspirational to meet and learn from existing and past students and a great way to enhance the student orientation.

Other Tips

- Memes
Educational and inspiring memes are ideal for improving memories when orienting. The memes are created by existing students bearing inspiration messages, warnings, campus life, campus hardships, and the real-life they are likely to encounter.

- Alumni anniversary
The future is not always bright for most students since they lack motivation from intellectuals. When alumni anniversaries are conducted, students realize that success is achieved through hard work and endurance.

- Fundraising and charity events
When new students are involved in charity events and fundraising, they understand better that we need each other in life. These charity events are organized by the school and visit less privileged people in the society. The events are characterized by playing music and instruments to mark the day.

- College clubs and societies
Engaging new students in clubs and societies enable them to master the new environment and increase student engagement. The interaction with their peers is enhanced, and through it, they learn the institution's mission, vision, and goals.

- Fast foods
Most colleges and universities take advantage of fast foods to orient new students. Through the partnership with fast food dealers, students are given discounts on foods purchased when they show their student identification cards. Students learn the external environment faster when they search the fast-food dealers.

- Decorations and increasing the school spirit
Students are encouraged to engage in decoration activities to mark the orientation day. These decorations are connected with the agendas of the day.

- Dance party
As a character for young people, ask the new students to dance whenever they hear music. The dancing interrupts the program, but it helps them remain attentive. The music boosts the day's mood, and the orientation program remains live.

- Going to the beach
New students are taken to the beach for swimming and sunburst. All the students form a socially distancing-friendly circle as they say their names, and each mentions a sea animal that starts with the first letter of their name. By so doing, the students know each other and strengthen their bonds.

Tips for conducting an orientation program

Orientation program agendas need to be shared with the relevant stakeholders early in advance to familiarize them with the activity. Also, the students need to be aware of what is expected of them during the orientation day and the program's benefits.

Since orientation involves creating a solid impression, the organizing committee should create an energetic atmosphere. The sense of belonging builds a strong culture, and students must be engaged in all programs relating to the institution's culture. Ongoing support should be provided to all students without bias and mentorship programs. All helpful information should be availed in a channel that will reach all students. Students should have freedom of expression and reveal their worries.

Student orientation acts as an ice breaker and helps them know each other. It also makes them feel more comfortable when interacting with their peers and learning kicks in. Orientation staff should include interactive games that students find exciting and improve memory.

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