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Published 07/08/2022

New Employee Orientation Template: Design and Template Tips

New employee orientations are an important component in engaging new staff into the workplace and ensuring they are job ready. It commonly consists of going through a series of steps ranging from collecting information from new starters such as HR details through to going through an orientation presentation, check list and assessment to ensure they understand and acknowledge important procedures, policies, HR details and risks.

When creating a new employee orientation, there are many areas to consider from what important materials employees need to see before starting the new job through to policy acknowledgements, understanding safety content, safety procedures and check list items relating to their role and new workplace. To make it easier designing your new employee orientation, we've created the below template to use.

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Before they start their role: materials to collect

When a new employee is about to join an organisation, there's a number of common materials you might collect from them:

Emergency contact information
Evidence of training
Qualifications and certifications
Payroll details
Contact information
Medical information that could affect the job

Typically, these areas might be captured on the first day of the new employee starting work but with an online orientation you could collect everything online and before they start work.

Once you have interviewed the candidate, you could even get them to do the orientation after the interview as part of qualifying whether the employee has the right materials and acknowledges the content and topics important for working at your workplace.

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Common Topics for an Employee Orientation

The most common workplace topics to include range from a mix of safety and HR based materials. These ensure that workers understand what is important to work safe, stay safe, report safety issues and observations and understand and acknowledge important workplace topics and procedures.

Safety Policies

Basic First Aid
How to report an incident
How to report a Hazard
Working in a confined space
Working at heights
Manual handling

HR Policies

Information Security Awareness
Fraud Awareness
Bullying Harassment
Code of conduct
Accident and Emergencies
Record Keeping
Social Media in the Workplace

Why is it important to create the best Employee Orientation

This is often the first experience for new staff when they join an organisation. They are unsure about the new organisation, unfamiliar with procedures and programs and at risk of leaving during their probation period. By establishing a visually impressive, engaging and interactive orientation for new employees, you are more likely to ensure they walk away understanding important risks and safety information, acknowledging and adhering to important HR policies and procedures and getting a good experience and positive feel for company culture. Key points:

- establish a visually impressive, engaging and interactive orientation
- helping new starters walk away understanding important risks and safety information
- acknowledging important HR policies and procedures
- set company culture

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