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Published 01/06/2024

LV and HV Electrical Permit to Work Template

This permit to work template is used for LV and HV Electrical works. A LV and HV Electrical Permit to Work is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical work in both low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) environments. It involves a comprehensive process that involves assessing the risks associated with the work, obtaining necessary authorizations, and implementing safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries. This permit is essential for any work involving confined spaces, as it helps to identify potential hazards and ensures that proper precautions are taken to protect workers from electrical dangers. Understanding the importance of a LV and HV Electrical Permit to Work is vital for maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to regulatory requirements.

It will cover high risk electrical works that range from LV to HV. Areas such as switching operations, creating an exclusion zone, creating a switching program that has been developed and peer reviewed, electrical hazard identification and controls and electrical isolations.

When it comes to understanding the practical applications of LV and HV Electrical Permit to Work, there are a multitude of use cases that demonstrate its significance in ensuring workplace safety and compliance. From routine maintenance activities to major installations and repairs, having a clear understanding of when and how to utilize these permits is essential for any organization dealing with electrical systems. In addition, the incorporation of Confined Space Permits further highlights the importance of adhering to strict safety protocols in high-risk environments. By examining real-world scenarios where these permits are utilized, businesses can gain valuable insights into their role in preventing accidents and promoting a culture of safety within their operations.


With a Hydraulic Works permit, you might assess the following fields:

- Verification of electrical qualification
- Electrical Task Description
- Site
- Location
- Project
- Date
- Special Parameters
- Hazard identification and controls
- Is the PPE adequate for the task
- Have the HV switching personnel been trained in switching operations
- Is there a requirement to create an exclusion zone
- The JSA lists the names of all persons involved and is job specific
- All works will be in accordance with the JSA and switching program
- The switching program has been developed and peer reviewed
- Switching program

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