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Hot Work Permit

A hot work permit is required for temporary job tasks that involve open flames or producing heat and / or sparks.

Examples might include: Brazing, Soldering, Grinding, Torch Applied Roofing or Welding


With a hot work permit, you might assess the following:

- condition and status of water hoses and fire extinguishers available
- condition and status fo hot work equipment
- elimination of environmental conditions that could be a hazard (i.e. explosive atmosphere)
- provision of fire watch
- condition and status of surface areas
- access ways assessment

- combustible floors been wet down, covered with damp sand or covered with fire resistant sheets?

These are just a few or many areas you might include in a hot work permit form. Additionally you need to capture the contractors details who is completing the work and have a proper permit to work system process for approval and notification workflows.

Try setting up an online permit to work management system to issue and manage hot work permits:

Online Demo
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