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Published 09/09/2021

Working at Heights Permit Template

A Working at Heights permit is required for job tasks and activities that involving elevated work platforms, roof access and other working at heights job activities.

Examples might include: work that involves using a ladder, scaffolds, the risk of falling off a truck, working on a roof or work activities that involve fragile roof sheeting.

Commonly this type of permit to work is required for works that are at a certain height or above on a temporary structure or on a fixed structure.


With a Working at Heights permit, you might assess the following fields:

- Task Description
- Specific Location of Work
- Plant and equipment to be used
- Precautions to be taken
- Training and Competency
- Working at heights license
- Access
- Safety access to work areas for all operatives are in place
- Firm level ground for scaffold tower or ladder
- Overhead services obstructions have been identified and communicated
- Roof boards ladders and other access in good condition
- Systems for the safe removal of waste materials are in place
- Fragile areas of roof safety mesh identified and marked
- Fall Protection
- Where necessary adequate guard rails are toe boards are in place
- Fall restraint arrest system has been installed
- Fall arrest harness has been selected and inspected for the task
- Anchor point has been selected by a competent person
- Safety net has been installed by a suitably qualified person
- Tools and materials secured against falls

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