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Published 19/11/2023

Excavation Permit to Work Template

This permit to work template is used for Excavation Permits.

It will cover areas such as performing any works where the excavation work is required.

Excavation works are commonly seen as one of the most hazardous construction tasks. When an excavation failure occurs such as a collapse of a trench, it can happen very quickly giving the worker virtually no time to escape. An example is a slab of earth collapsing off the trench face from under its own weight and breaks against the opposite wall of the excavation. This could result in burying and crushing any worker in its path causing suffocation and fatal injuries.

It's important for this task to ensure that proper hazard identification, risk assessment and control processes are put in place before undertaking the activity. This will include checks around monitoring performance and reviewing control measures, consulting with workers, making sure all workers have done an induction and related training programs, undertaking safe work methods, inspection and maintenance, understanding and induction on emergency rescue procedures and safety management policies and procedures.


With a Excavation Permit, you might assess the following fields:

- Site
- Date
- Project
- Description of Work
- Checks around hazard identification and risk assessment
- Special Precautions
- All actions and conditions necessary for safe work will be performed
- List the names of all persons involved
- Ensuring any buried services are not damaged
- Certificates of training licenses reviewed and inductions confirmed
- Method statement reviewed
- Approval to proceed

Create your own form and workflows

Try setting up an online permit to work management system to issue and manage Excavation permits:

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