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Permit Request Management

Permit to Work Conflict Checks Our permit to work software features a core permit management area where you can setup registries for different permits (hot works, chemicals etc) and manage permit requests by company, role, risk, request type and site.

Centralise all permit to work requests and track what was issued, when, to whom, when did they accessit, verify, get acknowledgement, review and approve the permit request.

Centralise all materials and issue forms for digital acknowledgement, all in real-time.

Dive deep into the job task where tasks can be ordered by job number, job site, date or other job specific filters so that you can have a central registry of contractor jobs and tasks along with all the critical safety information for each job such as safe work method statements or JSA's and even a matching hazard registry in relation to that job.

Setup Permit Workflows

- ensure all job tasks / activites are checked for potential high risk tasks. What a contractor was working on yesterday may not require a permit to work, but their job task or activity today does

- put the checks in place to prevent permit conflicts or duplications

- establish the approval workflows around authorisation to work

- build in workflows around notifications, responsible persons, external reviews and sign off

- customise different workflows for different permit to work form types

Setup a Permit to Work system for your Workplace

Try setting up an online permit to work management system to issue and create different permits for your workplace:

Online Demo
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