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Contractor Compliance Training: Manage Contractor Compliance

With our contractor management module combined with our contractor induction and compliance courses, you can improve and manage your entire Contractor Compliance process.

Automatic Reminders

Ensure that no compliance items go under the radar with an automated reminder and tracking module for any compliance item you want to set up. 30 days before it expires and again on the day, with notifications to your self or contractor managers in the event of a compliance item coming up for renewal or overdue expiry.

Use mobile technologies for compliance spot checks

Using our app, you can perform on the spot compliance checks on your contractors. Cross check against certifications, tickets, licenses, insurances, incidents, safety history and other recorded compliance items.

Sign in checks

A very popular way to cross check the compliance of your contractors is when they sign in on site. Cross check the compliance status of your contractors as they check in and out on site.

Compliance Training

Ensure all contractors have done mandatory compliance training courses BEFORE they start work on site. Refresher training and workplace specific comliance training can prevent injuries, incidents and ensure policies and correct procedures are carried out at all times.


There's no better time to assess the merits of yours contractors right to work on site in the first place then during their initial engagement and subsequent re-induction. Perform a full review on the contractors safety history, past incidents, evidence of training, insurance status and much more in order to create a full comprehensive compliance picture on the contractor and if they should remain an approved and preferred contractor on site.

12 month contractor review

As part of any solid contractor compliance program, annual reviews of your contractors performance from provision of service through to safety history and quality will ultimately give you a full understanding of the contractors compliance status.

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