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Best Online Induction Examples

We know building great inductions can be time consuming and complex and so here we compiled a list of some of the best induction examples for you to use and be inspired from. Check out these online induction examples below and see how you can enhance your induction experience for your workforce.

A good induction should be high impact and engaging, it should be the best first workplace experience you can possibly provide your workforce. Create a sense of pride and excitement when about to work in your organisation and really give them that top of the range ultimate introduction to your site, project or workplace.

The Safety Induction Example

This first induction example looks at the common safety induction and what you need to put in a safety induction.

Accident and Emergencies

Work Health Safety Fundamentals

Safety Awareness

PPE Safety

The Workplace Induction Example

Here are some common topics to include in a workpace induction:

The Role Induction Example

Here are some common topics to include in a role based induction:

Corruption and Bribery

Code of conduct

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