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Safety Orientation Quiz
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Health and safety orientation training is a fundamental component of any organization's health and safety management system. It is the process of introducing new, inexperienced, transferred and/or returning employees to a safe and healthy workplace. Orientation training provides employees with necessary safety information about their job and tasks, informs them of specific details about workplace hazards, and provides an opportunity to learn about the organization and their colleagues and to ask questions to clarify new or confusing information.

Benefits of Conducting a Safety Orientation Quiz for New Employees

Employees become aware of the health and safety hazards on the job, controls for these hazards and how they can affect their safety and the safety of others.

- Helps reduce the risk of potential injuries and accidents.
- Meets regulatory requirements (demonstrates due diligence).
- Increases competence of the new employee.
- Contributes to building a retention culture within the organization, thereby reducing turnover.
- Demonstrates the organization's ethical obligation to protect the employee from harm.

There are eight important safety questions you should ask:

- What are the hazards of the job?
- What are the company's safety and health rules?
- What safety gear are essential to the job?
- When will I be trained in emergency procedures?
- Where is emergency equipment located?
- What are the procedures if an incident occurs? Who is the first aid person? Is this workplace covered by Workers Compensation?
- Who to address if there are health or safety questions?
- What are the employee's safety and health responsibilities?

When writing questions for a safety orientation quiz considering the follow tips can assist for a successful orientation:

Know your goals

Before you write a single question, you need to outline exactly which information is the most important. For example, certain workplace safety rules may be more important than others. Depending on your industry, employee safety might be better served by focusing on specific safe work practices.

Find Some Inspiration

Even if you've got a decent list of questions, a quick glance at other workplace safety quizzes can inspire you to approach your subject with fresh eyes. There are plenty of quizzes available.

Avoid Trick Questions

Remember that your goal is to understand and evaluate what your staff knows about employee safety. To that end, use clear and simple language, and don't use trick questions.

Randomize it!

We love to create patterns, even unconsciously, and patterns are easier to guess. That's why you should randomize the questions you use. This means using a random order of questions or pulling randomly from a larger pool of questions. Each quiz taker's quiz should look different, and if the same person takes the quiz more than once, it should look different each time. This reduces the chance of people guessing or memorizing answers in a non-helpful way.

Evaluate Safety Quizzes Effectively

Evaluation is the most important step for you, the quiz master, in the whole process. Useful evaluations give you a true picture of what your students understand.

Feedback to Students

Every wrong answer is an opportunity to learn. Make sure that your students get the chance to see an explanation of the misunderstood concept. Depending on how you set up the quiz, this feedback can be immediate or provided as a post-mortem of the test. Immediate feedback is more likely to sink in, especially if you require repeat tests until the employee achieves a specific grade. In this way, the testing process becomes part of the learning.

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