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An online Induction for schools is a critical piece to ensure all staff, contractors, visitors and volunteers are familiar with what they need to be doing in order to work safely on the school grounds and follow important procedures and policies. With an online school induction, inductions can be setup and delivered online for teachers, employees, contractors and visitors to your school before they arrive on site with a dedicated online induction portal where you can load all your Occ Health and Safety material, induction courses and tests, hazard registries, incident report forms and much more.

Test the knowledge of your inductees with your own online courses and tests and setup a full teacher induction program. offers an online induction system for delivering inductions online to permanent staff, relief staff, contractors and visitors for schools.

Our online school induction software can be custom made to your unique branding and requirements. Not an off the shelf solution! Or you can use our existing templates and pre-written induction courses, content, templates, tests and much more.

  • Employee Online Induction and Contractor Online Induction
  • Contractor compliance control
  • Online tests with scoring
  • Document management portal
  • Online Hazard Registry
  • Facility induction cards for inductees
  • Load all your own material and manage for your self
  • Ensure compliance and reduce the possibility of litigation
  • Site specific inductions as well as organisation wide inductions
  • Inductions for visitors, relief staff and volunteers
  • Contractor Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Hazard Registry
  • Inductions for Relief Staff, Visitors and Volunteers

    Try creating your own school online induction right here:

    Meet your compliance needs, deliver the induction training to all personnel and test that inductions have been understood.

    Contractor & Staff School Induction System

    You can create and deliver your inductions in an online format and dramatically speed up the delivery of your induction by deploying it over the internet
    Decrease your costs in delivering inductions and increases staff productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and face to face inductions

    In the event of an incident your or your school could be held liable if you cannot prove inductions have taken place and have been understood.

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