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Published 10/04/2023

Supplier Onboarding Checklist: What to include

Making sure that the suppliers and vendors that you use are up to par with industry standards is critical. But it can be difficult to manage all of the steps involved in supplier onboarding. This checklist outlines all of the necessary tasks and procedures needed for a successful supplier onboarding process and to ensure suppliers are up to date and compliant.

It can be very busy running a business, so having a checklist to help streamline the onboarding process is invaluable. Whether you're looking into new suppliers or just need to refresh your existing ones, this checklist will provide an easy-to-follow guide for any supplier onboarding task. From setting terms and conditions to gathering essential paperwork, this checklist makes sure nothing gets missed along the way. This will commonly be part of your overall supplier onboarding system.

Example Checklist

Here are some common check list items to include:

- Capturing company overview where you collect detailed information on the supplier's background, history, capabilities, and industry experience.

- Compliance: ensuring that suppliers are compliant with any applicable legal requirements, such as tax ID, licenses, and insurance.

- Quality assurance evaluating the supplier's quality assurance policies and processes.

- Delivery time and schedule where you determine the supplier's delivery time frames and requirements for timely delivery.

- Communication where you outline how best to communicate with the supplier.

- Reporting establishing a reporting system to track the supplier's performance.

- Risk Management where you conduct a risk assessment to identify any potential risks associated with working with the supplier.

- Ongoing performance review to establish a performance review process to monitor the supplier's performance.

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