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Published 06/12/2022

Best Employee Training Tracking Setup for 2024

An employee training tracker helps organizations keep track of employee training records allowing administrators and training managers to store and manage employee training data in a secure and centralized location. The training tracker can be used to track different types of training, including online and in-person training, as well as the progress of each employee's training. It also allows administrators to set up reminders and alerts when employees need to complete their training. The tracker can be used to assess the effectiveness of a training program and analyze the performance of individual employees.

This will commonly involve identify the training needs, create a training plan, choose a training method, tracking and evaluating training results. This might form the basis of your overall Employee Training Plan, Corporate Training Program and Online Training Platform.

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Tips for keeping track of Employee Training in the workplace

1. Create a Training Records Database: Establish a database to store information about each employee's training. This database should include the employee's name, the type of training, the date of completion, and any other relevant information such as who provided the training.

2. Track Training Data: Track training data for each employee in the database. This could involve manually entering data into the database or setting up a system that automatically records training data.

3. Create Reports: Generate reports from the database to get an overview of the types of training and the dates of completion. Reports can be used to identify training gaps and plan future training.

4. Monitor Progress: Monitor the progress of each employee's training. This could involve regularly checking the database to ensure data is up to date or setting up alerts when training has been completed.

5. Evaluate Training: Evaluate the effectiveness of training by measuring the outcomes of each employee's training. This could involve surveys or reviews to assess whether the training was useful and beneficial.

Improving Employee Training in the Workplace

From when a new starter begins in a workplace, it's important to have program in place to help improve their ongoing training development from day one. This might include:

- Create a Training Plan: Develop a training plan that outlines the objectives and goals of the training, the methods to be used, and the timeline for completion.

- Identify Training Needs: Identify the specific areas of need for employee training. This can be done through surveys, interviews, and other methods.

- Develop Training Materials: Create materials that meet the needs of the identified training areas. This can include handouts, presentations, videos, and other resources.

- Evaluate Training Effectiveness: Measure the effectiveness of the training by assessing the knowledge and skills gained by employees, as well as measuring changes in employee performance.

- Reinforce Training: Reinforce the training by providing follow-up activities, such as refresher courses, webinars, and other activities.

- Utilize Technology: Take advantage of technology to deliver training more effectively. This can include using virtual classrooms, online platforms, and other interactive tools.

Why is tracking Employee Training important

First, it helps make sure employees have the necessary skills to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. It also helps employers to measure the effectiveness of their training and identify areas where improvement is needed. Further, tracking employee training allows employers to keep up-to-date records of which employees have been trained and what topics they have been trained on. This can be useful in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and helps employers to better manage their training budgets. Lastly, tracking employee training can help employers to identify and recognize employees who have completed additional training and achieved higher levels of expertise.

What happens when you dont track employee training

When you don't track employee training, you may not know which employees have received training and which haven't. This can lead to gaps in knowledge and skills among employees, which can lead to decreased productivity and safety issues. Additionally, without tracking employee training, it can be difficult to assess the effectiveness of the training and make improvements where necessary.

Unskilled employees and probation periods

Unskilled employees may be subject to a probation period in which their performance is evaluated. During this time, the employee may receive additional training, guidance, and feedback from supervisors. At the end of the probation period, employers can decide whether to keep or terminate the employee. The probation period is an important tool for employers to ensure that their hires are a good fit for the job and the company.

Upskilling employees during their probation period

Upskilling employees can involve providing them with new skills, such as additional training or education, or by allowing them to take on more responsibility or a higher-level position. The goal is to increase the employee's value to the company. This can be done through on-the-job training, workshops, seminars, and online courses. Employers should also consider offering mentoring programs, job shadowing, and job rotation as strategies. Additionally, employers should encourage employees to take on leadership roles and participate in important decisions within the organization. Finally, employers should recognize and reward employees for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the organization.

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