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Accident and Emergencies

Alcohol and depression


Apply First Aid

Armed Robbery Survival Skills

Asbestos Awareness

Basic First Aid

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying Harassment Video Confidentiality and Bullying

Bullying Harassment Video Effects of Bullying

Bullying Harassment Video Managers and Bullying

Bullying Harassment Video Serial and Cultural Bullying

Burnout in the workplace

Checklist for Employees

Chemical Spills and Clean Up

Code of conduct

Confined Space

Confined Space Entry

Conflict in the Workplace and how to manage it

Contractor Handbook

Corruption and Bribery

Dealing with Grief and Loss while Working

Defensive Driving

Dispatch Dock

Driver Fatigue

Drug use - negative effects

Drugs and Alcohol

Effective Communication

Electrical Safety

Emergency Procedures

Employee Handbook

Equal Opportunity

Eye Protection

Family Life and FIFO

Fatigue Management

Fire Extinguisher

Fitness For Work

Food Handling and Hygiene Procedures

Food preparation

Food Safety Standards

Forklift Safety

Fraud Awareness

Hand Held Power Tools

Hand Protection

Hand Washing Techniques

Head Protection

Health and Safety in the Retail Industry

High Risk Environments

Hot Works

Incident Investigation

Infection Control

Information Security Awareness

Injury Management

Internet and Social Media

Lock Out / Tag Out

Managers: Helping Employees with Mental Health Concerns

Managing Corona Virus in the workplace

Managing Food Allergies

Managing Technology from home

Manual Handling

Manual Tasks for Construction Workers

Mental Wellness: Fear of Job Loss

Mental Wellness: Workplace Depression

Modern Slavery

Noise and Hearing Protection

Office Ergonomics


Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Safety

Privacy Awareness in the Workplace

Record Keeping

Residential Construction

Safety Awareness

Safety Induction

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Slips Trips and Falls

Social Media in the Workplace

Stress Management


Suicide and Self-harm

Sustainability In the Workplace

Time and Stress Management

Understanding a Material Safety Data Sheet

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Understanding Professional Boundaries

Work Health Safety Fundamentals

Working at Heights

Working From Home

Working from home with children

Working with Silica Dust

Workplace Burnout

Writing a Job Safety Analysis

Writing a Safe Work Method Statement

And many more.... plus create your own!

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