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Ten Virtual Reality Course Ideas

1: Known workplace hazards

If you have a list of known workplace hazards that new staff, contractors or visitors need to be aware of, this is perfect for creating a virtual experience in being aware of these hazards and where they are in the workplace.

2: Workplace bullying

What is it, what does it feel like? how to identify being bullying or that you are bullying

3: Workplace Harassment

What is harassment in the workplace, what does it feel like? how to identify harassment or that you are harassing a coworker

4: Near miss

What is near miss in the workplace and how to report it

5: Stress

What is stress in the workplace and what are the consequences of stress

6: Emergency Evacuation Area

Where is it in the event of an emergency

7: The management

Where are they, who are they for reporting issues and seeking guidance

8: Restricted areas

Where am I supposed to avoid?

9: Acceptable work attire

What is acceptable to wear in the workplace

10: How to use a fire extinguisher

In the event of an emergency, how do I use a fire extinguisher

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Ten virtual reality course ideas