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Form to capture tickets and licenses, insurances, SWMS or JSA's

Why do you need to capture this information?

Your business will need to capture relevant details about contractors who are conducting work for your business or operating on your business's site. By capturing and storing this data, you will ensure the contractors are fully licensed, insured, and compliant. You will be able to check that their licences are up to date and valid to work on site. Common information that businesses generally capture are licences, cards, insurances, and their expiration dates, along with SWMS and JSA's.

What are the benefits of capturing them?

There are many benefits to capturing and storing contractor information - it helps protect your business against major risks and hazards including:

- Damage to your business's reputation
- WHS hazards and risks within the workplace
- Being held legally responsible for a contractor's actions
- Financial penalties

By having an easily accessible online form, contractors will be able to upload important data such as their relevant licences, insurances and input their expiration dates. Once these dates are stored, an automatic reminder will be triggered and sent out once the licence is due to be renewed.

Try setting up a Contractor Induction for your organisation and using some of our ready to go contractor protocol templates and resources.

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