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Contractor Induction Card

Contractor induction cards are issued at the end of the completion of the contractor online induction. they can be used as an acknowledgement of induction compliance, scanned for access to site and display the persons photo and expiry date for when their induction expires. You can include on the card things like licenses and tickets, emergency plans, list of site inductions completed and who to contact in the event of an emergency.

Here we have everything you need to know about what to put on your contractor induction card, design and issue induction cards, scan them in on site and check out our full library of contractor induction card templates

Design a Contractor Induction Card

Using our online card editor, you can design a custom induction card specific for your workplace and site. Portrait or landscape format, structure the card with common elements such as your logo, the name of the site, the contractors name, company and the induction type they completed. Include a passport style photo and a QR code for scanning on site. If you are using hardware for RFID scanning, chip based cards would be an alternative.

Emergency Plans, Site contacts, Site Map

Common elements to include on the back of the contractor induction card include things like the site emergency plan, a list of emergency contacts and numbers and even a map of the site.
- Local Emergency Contacts
- How to report an incident
- How to report a hazard
- What hazards are present on site?
- Confined spaces
- Hot works
- Access to site
- Safety policies
- Safety procedures
- Environmental issues
- Safety contacts

Contractor Induction Card Templates

Regardless of your specific industry, we've got great contractor induction card templates you can use for generating and issuing cards. Fill out the form above to create an account and get started. Access our card maker library, pick a template and start issuing cards.

- design your own cards
- work from an existing template
- customise the card text, logo
- include contractor photos
- different integrated sign in options

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