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Contractor Protocols

Contractor protocols are an important part of a contractor induction. It's critical to ensure all contractors go through Contractor Protocols as part of their Contractor Induction. The structure will vary organisation to organisation but commonly there will be a format such as the below topics:

- Roles and Responsibilities
Here we set out each role and its responsibilities

- Contractor obligations
Contractor contract managers to ensure all personnel working at the organisation have been appropriate inducted

- Qualifications and work standards
All works to building or plant/equipment to be carried out by appropriately qualified and licenced tradespeople. All equipment and tools used on site to conform to relevant legislative requirements and work standards.

- Insurance Requirements
Prior to coming on site, all evidence of appropriate insurances should be verified

- Security requirements:

is a police check required or access cards required to be issued?
is there a security clearance process required to be followed
do contractors need to produce an ID card to enter site?

- Work Health and Safety
Contractors must ensure that they have in place a functional proactive safety management system

- Safe Work Method Statements
Regularly undertaking them for job tasks and activities breaking down the tasks involve, hazards and how each hazard will be effectively eliminated or controlled

- Hazards
The procedures to follow when encountering hazardous substances on site

- Chemicals
Procedures to follow around chemicals, consumables and cleaning agents

- Planning and notification
All works to be done with minimum disturbance to building occupants or normal operations and the notification and communication rules around this - Incident Reporting
The procedure to follow for reporting an incident

What PPE to wear and when

- Noisy Works
The procedures around works that involve noise such as drills, grinders and circular saws - Electrical Works
Procedures around HV and LV works

Try setting up a Contractor Induction for your organisation and using some of our ready to go contractor protocol templates and resources.

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