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Safe Work Procedures for Contractor Inductions

During the contractor induction, it is often the first engagement point for where a contractor is going to be prepared for working on site and their channel for understanding important procedures to be aware of before they start their job task or activity on site or in your workplace. Often, this is where you can present safe work procedures for them to go through, understand, be educated on, tested on and acknowledge.

A safe work procedure will document the instructions and information to follow on how work is to be completed on site in a safe way for all hazardous tasks at your workplace.

Induct contractors on:

- Hazards, identifying them, how to work with them, how to eliminate them or minimise risks

The induction might show the contractor how to do a task analysis for breaking down the job into specific steps or components. It might then go through an induction around how to conduct of a risk assessment on each of the steps to:

- identify hazards
- assess the risks
- determine and implement controls

Try setting up a Contractor Induction for your organisation and using some of our ready to go contractor safe work procedure templates and materials.

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