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Published 08/04/2024

Setup a Contractor Safety Passport: Digital Compliance Passport

Issue each contractor a digital compliance passport as part of completing their Online Induction. It contains a QR code and can be downloaded to an Android or iPhone wallet or just kept as a digital email copy too. When contractors work on site, they can present theri compliance passport to sign in on site. These passports can be scanned to bring up all their licenses and insurances, their overall compliance status including inductions and training completed and even showcase other safety information you require too for an instant snapshot on their overall compliance status. This enables fast on the spot compliance checks and serves as an overall safety passport for your contractors to carry with them for quick and easy proof of compliance on site. This is commonly issued as part of a contractor induction and forms part of your wider contractor management system.

Setup your organisation and issue Contractor Safety Passports

What sort of things would you commonly track with a Contractor Safety Passport?

There are a whole range of common safety and compliance materials to track and conduct spot checks on when it comes to what to track with a contractor safety passport. Commonly you might track:
Evidence of training
Courses you've assigned
Open work Orders they are engaged with
Permits they are assigned or engaged with
Incident and safety history and performance
Method statements and JSA's
The safety systems and procedures they have in place

See Example Contractor Compliance Passports

See an example and download it to your phone's wallet or try via email

What is a common workflow for issuing a Contractor Passport?

The best way to distribute a contractor safety passport is through your Online Induction. When contractors complete their online contractor induction, this is where you can issue them their digital compliance passport to download to their phone's wallet. They can then show their passport when they arrive on site for a spot check on their overall compliance status and view of their licenses, insurances and training.

- Contractors complete their induction

- Capture tickets, licenses, insurances and other safety materials such as method statements, permits, work orders and more as part of the induction process

- When the contractor has successfully completed the Online Induction, they can be issued their passport to their phone (email or they can download to their iPhone wallet or Android wallet)

They then show their passport to be scanned (QR Code) for a spot check on their compliance.

These passports can also be used to sign in on site if you are using a compatible sign in system.

Discover our contractor Safety Passport System

From induction to license management, discover our full contractor safety compliance passport system here:

Online Demo
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