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Corporate Induction: Best Tips and Induction Templates

A corporate induction is the first step towards engaging a new hire and onboarding them into the organisation. It might consist of collecting important HR information for a new starter online, onboarding them into the organisation through a corporate induction presentation and ensuring they understand and acknowledge important policies and procedures with online check lists, assessments and document libraries.

Creating effective corporate inductions

A corporate induction is a way of presenting your brand to your workforce. It should be high impact and present your organisation as a great place to work and somewhere that your employees would be committed and proud to work. A place that cares about its workers, safety and organisation culture.

The common elements of a corporate induction might include:
- introduction to the organisation
- meet the management
- meet the team
- overview of the workplace and site tour
- safety procedures
- policies
- check lists
- how to report an incident
- what hazards are present in the workplace
- training requirements

Using modern technology you can create immersive corporate induction experiences using 360 virtual content where the employee can experience and view a workplace online by moving around and viewing it in a 360 degree experience to become fully aware and familiar with the location before they come on site.

Corporate inductions bring organisational change

Getting a corporate induction right can be a great tool for increasing staff retention and reducing injury in the workplace. It can lead to a positive change in people culture, improving the safety of the workplace and lowering the risk of workers.

View a corporate induction template, sample forms and steps right here:

Corporate Induction Templates

We've created templates for a number of common corporate inductions:

- Universities
- Hotels
- Mining
- Government
- Local Councils
- Human Resources
- Schools
- Manufacturing
- Construction
- Retail
- Foods
- Security
- Logistics
- Health Care
- Engineering
- Energy Management
- Childcare
- Oil and Gas
- Airports
- Property
- Financial
- Service
- Venue Management
- Sports

Each industry example can be tailored to suit specific industries and organisation requirements.

Create a Corporate Induction

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