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Site Induction Form: Templates & Best Induction Forms

A site induction form is used as part of a site induction into a workplace typically for contractors and employees before they start on site. In a site induction form you commonly capture important details needed before the worker can start their role on site such as emergency contact details, evidence of training for their role such as tickets, qualifications and licenses, known medical details that can affect their role on site and acknowledgements of site check lists.

Here we list out the best site induction forms to use and how to design a site induction form

Most common fields in a site induction form

Site inductions cover topics from safety through to HR fo contractors and employees. Here's the most common:

- tickets from white cards through to electrical licenses, plumbing, construction and other trade tickets
- insurances from workers comp through to public liability
- emergency contact details / next of kin
- known medical issues that can affect role on site
- have you been on site before?
- work to be carried out on site?
- will you be bringing your own equipment / what equipment is to be used?
- what PPE will you be bringing?
- do you use subcontractors / subcontractor details
- SWMS / JSA's
- declarations and acknowledgements

Keeping Track

Many of the items collected on a site induction form include expiry dates especially for insurances and tickets. With an online site induction form you can track and manage these reminders more easily with automatic reminders sent direct to the contractor or employee for when the item expires. Try managing these reminders off a paper based form! it can get very messy and risk a major compliance breach.

Site Induction Form Template

The best way to run a site induction form is online. Putting your site induction form online allows you to capture and store information in an database where you can easily search and manage site inductions centrally. It's also easier to distribute to your contractors and employees so that they can complete the site induction form before they arrive on site to start work.

Here is a sample form below. In our form library we have a range of different site induction forms for contractors, employees and visitors across every type of industry.

Create a site induction form

Try creating your own online site induction form right here. Using our online form builder you can create and deploy your own site induction forms easily and quickly.

Online Demo
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