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Site Induction Augmented Tagging: How to tag hazards for site inductions

Using augmented reality, you can truly enhance your site inductions across the workplace by creating virtual tags for important locations across a site such as hazards to be aware of or rendering important safety knowledge via the use of augmented reality.

Contractors in particular can be aware of site specific safety issues and topics and injuries can be prevented in the workplace when you tag all the hazards across a work site.

By hovering their phone over the tag, it will augmented what they need to know about working in that specific location or knowledge about the hazard to be aware of, how its controlled, the risks and anything else to be aware of in order to work there safely.

Using modern technologies, this is a great way to enhance your site induction process by truly making the site induction tied to a specific work site or location and bringing to life all the areas within it in real-time for on demand alerts on hazards.

A common tagging method is using QR codes. Mobile phones and tablets can scan the QR code which then in turns triggers and renders on the device what important information they need to know.

Imagine your entire building or facility tagged this way, everyone would have the ultimate information about every possible hazard on demand and you have truly enhanced your site induction to be as micro detailed and real-time as possible.

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