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Developing a Site Induction

In this tutorial we look at what you need to know for developing a site induction and what to include when creating a site induction. Here we go through what to write in your site induction, what to include and how to develop a site induction from scratch. What is a site induction? and why do you need one?.

Lets start with the basics, what is a Site Induction and why should you establish one? Many organisations set up a organisation wide induction which covers the basics of HR and safety across the entire organisation. But what about the important site specific knowledge you need to ensure contractors, employees and visitors go through? This is where a site induction comes in. It's a site specific induction, specifically related to what you need to know about working at the specific site and workplace location. It might form part of a company wide induction process where you go through a general induction into the organisation and then a follow step about site specific materials.

Site Specific Induction Steps

The sort of content you would put in place might range from the specific emergency assesmbly point details, emergency procedures, local emergency contact details, site access details, maps of the site, locations of emergency equipment, medical supplies on site, communication equipment on site, a real-time listing of hazards to be aware of and even the do's and don'ts of access control and equipment use.

Developing Site Induction Content

The best way to create a clear site induction process is to create a walk through of the site from start to finish. Think about everything from the above list of site specific induction steps that a visitor, contractor or employee would encounter in their day to day or adhoc activities. Create the categories, detail the information and create it like a walk through

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