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Creating a Construction Site Induction

Setup a construction site induction or orientation online! Before workers and contractors arrive on site, they should be properly inducted on everything they need to know about working safety at the construction site.
This is the first and one of the most important parts of a worker or contractors journey in working with your construction site. Ensure they are properly trained on the site specific safety materials, acknowledge and understand important site policies and procedures and have evidence that they have done these things.

Construction Site Induction Features

Track your contractors and workers ongoing construction site compliance
Collect certifications, expiry dates and licenses before they arrive on site
Ensure everyone has been inducted on the construction safety induction
Construction site safety assessment
Construction site check list and policy library acknowledgement
Issue an induction card for working at the right construction site
Create construction site content that is site or project specific
Collect emergency contact, next of kin, medical information & more
Ensure subcontractors are also inducted before working at the construction site

Why do construction site inductions?

  • You may need to have to show in an audit that everyone who entered the construction site was properly inducted.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries and incidents through construction site specific safety inductions
  • Bring awareness of site specific hazards
  • Centralise and streamline the entire process and ensure sub contractors are going through it to
  • Face to face training and assessment is more time consuming, expensive and is not consistent
  • Workers and contractors can complete the construction site induction before they start work and from home
  • Issue a formal card in acknowledgement of active compliance
  • Get full oversight of all contractors and workers who are at your construction site
  • A more comprehensive induction

    Construction Site Induction Form

    Create your own online form, collecting the specifics you need for your construction site or project.

    In real-time, map out and change the requirements of what your site or project needs to collect from your workers or subcontractors.

    Capture licenses, insurances, evidence of training, expiry dates and more.

    Construction Site Check List

    Create your own online check list.

    Formal acknowledgement of important site policies and procedures.

    Construction Site Content

    Transform your handbook into an online construction induction or orientation

    Workers and contractors progress through the material online and are assessed on it.

    Free Demo

    See how our construction site induction can work for your organisation by looking at the online demo via the form above or - Contact Us and start creating your own construction induction today.

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