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Published 01/06/2022

Induction Cards: Design, Print and Scan Induction Cards

Induction cards are what you issue to staff, contractors and visitors as proof of their induction completion and acknowledgement of their compliance. The cards can be paper based / printed by the staff member, a sticker or plastic cards. Cards can be scanned in to verify validity and show compliance status when the staff member or contractor arrives in the workplace. This will be a common item issued at the end of your induction program, contractor induction or employee induction.

Induction cards might be checked during the permit to work process or visitor sign in system or contractor sign in.

Design Induction Cards

Typically on an induction card you have the persons photo, which induction type they did, the expiry date, your company logo, a QR code for scanning (unless its an RFID card you printed on) and you can also include other information such as emergency contacts or procedures in the event of an incident or current tickets and licenses held by the person.

Using our induction card editor, you can create cards of many different types, sizes, formats and styles.

- Design cards from scratch
- Your corporate logo and brand
- Include staff photo
- Custom spiel
- Include which induction type they did
- Include tickets and licenses they have
- Emergency contact details or what to do in an emergency
- Customise the cards

Induction cards can be issued directly at the end of the induction as a download and emailed directly to the staff member so that they have a copy to carry with them / present on demend from their inbox.

Want to try our induction card editor? give it a go below

Scan Induction Cards

With all induction cards printed and issued, you can ensure that they can be scanned using our induction app for real time compliance checks. There's two ways to do this, one is to put a QR code on the card which when scanned, will bring up the inductee's details and show their current compliance status. Are they inducted? If they are a contractor, are they insured? What inductions did they do, when do they expire and need to be re-inducted? Everything you need to cross check from the induction card. Another method is using RFID cards where the plastic cards contain an encoded RFID code. These can be integrated with hardware such as access control systems, turnstiles, and other site access hardware.

Print Induction Cards and Stickers

With all cards created, you have multiple methods for how you print and issue them. Visitor induction cards might be best printed and issued via a sticker printing machine so that as visitors check in, they instantly print a site induction sticker. Induction cards might be self printed upon completing an induction or kept in an email and shown from the phone when they arrive on site. You can also print formal induction cards that have an RFID on a plastic card issued to the inductee.

Try out our induction card creator and try designing your own induction cards and stickers right here - Contact Us

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