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Online Induction Program Benefits

Setting up an Online Induction Program will result in a clear set of benefits for both the people your inducting as well as various staff roles in the organisation. It can ensure that compliance obligations are met but also go beyond compliance and immediately prevent an injury or incidents from happening in the first place. By properly inducting staff on the important workplace policies, procedures, safety and risk materials.


Typical staff roles that benefit include the HR Manager, Safety Manager and a Contractor Manager.

Inductees include contractors, employees and visitors.

The benefits includes easy distribution of the Online Induction Program since its web based and online. It can be accessed anywhere that has the Internet.


It can save you an awful amount of time in doing tasks that are typically paper based or done face to face. Add up the cost of face to face inductions and you are quickly building up extensive and growing costs on a per inductee basis. With an online induction program, all staff can view induction content on demand and 24/7.

Induction Programs Provide Evidence of Compliance

It can provide meaningful and justified proof of meeting compliance requirements. Capturing dates of completion, recording dates of engagement, acknowledgement of policies, procedures, induction course completions, when materials were read, assessment scores, attempts and evidence of external training, dates and verifications.

An Online Induction Program can also help you address the following questions

How do you keep chasing this information when it expires?

How do you verify it has been submitted and how do you quickly find it?

With your own program you meet all the above criteria

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Online Induction Program Benefits

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