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Why setup an Induction Program

If you engage contractors, employees or visitors, its critical to ensure that each and everyone one of them has been inducted. This means that everyone needs to progress through an induction regarding how to work safely on site, site access, hazards to be aware off, company culture and site safety.

When you don't have an induction program in place, you end up creating a high risk of injury and poor safety culture amongst everyone who is working on site. The risk of an incident happening increases drastically and workers risk performing tasks, accessing the site and being exposed to hazards because they weren't made aware of the correct procedures and activities to follow.

An Induction Program is the first step to ensuring the safety of your workers, its often their first engagement between you and them as new workers.

Given many work places have constantly changing contractors due to different purposes and activities, the workplace isn't going to necessarily know who all these staff are in advance of them arriving on site. An Induction Program ensures that a consistent and continuous safety message is delivered to these staff. It also enables the workplace to deliver the induction remotely before these staff arrive on site.

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Why Setup an Induction Program

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