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Induction Program Design Tips

The induction program needs to provide all the information that employees, contractors and or visitors need before they come to the workplace or work site. It shouldn’t be too overwhelming or time consuming but still needs to cover the essential information.


How to begin

An induction program could be divided into topics to match your integrated management system for example:

1. Quality,

2. Safety, and

3. Environment

No matter how you want to set up your induction program it is best to have a plan of what requirements you have and what you need to include.

By using the step numbers as a guide, write out what you need to include for each of your induction types and what you would name the induction step. Then begin sourcing the content and building it (e.g. start building your PowerPoint).


Essential content elements

You must ensure your induction program is thorough enough to provide your employees with the essential information about the business; who’s who and “how you do things around here”.

Poor induction programs can be too full-on and overwhelm people or too lean that they don’t provide enough information and new workers are left not knowing where to seek the correct information or worse still, lead to an accident.

Key content that you could include as part of your induction may include the following topics:

·         HR and employment information

·         Safety and Health legislation (duty of care)

·         Responsibilities (organisational chart)

·         Policies and procedures

·         Hazards and hazard identification

·         Uniforms and PPE

·         Sub contractor management

·         Consultation and communication

·         Risk Management

·         Hazard and incident reporting

·         Training

·         Manual Handling

·         Hot works

·         No smoking

·         Drugs and alcohol

·         Fit for work (including fatigue)

·         Heat stress

·         Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances

·         Permits and licenses

·         Emergency management

·         Electrical safety including isolation, testing and tagging

·         Confined space

·         Plant and equipment

·         Vehicle and journey safety

·         High risk construction work

·         Working at heights

·         Environment

·         Waste disposal and House keeping

  • ·         SWMS and JSA’s

How to present typically boring content so it’s more engaging

The content shouldn’t be too didactic or just cut and pasted from your manuals or procedures. If you want people to understand, retain the information and not fall asleep halfway through then you are going to have to make it more interesting and engaging.

Tips to making your induction more interesting:

·         - Lots of pictures or images

·         - Photographs and images from your workplace

·         - Break it up with a quiz or questionnaire (Assessment step)

·         - Take out just the key points from your manual or management system documents and include the original pdf document later in a Document Library step or Quick Links (if you want them to have access to it or refer back to).

·         - Add videos and or voice overs

·         - Use Powerpoint transitions and animations

·         - Make it colourful, use different fonts

·         - Add tables and graphs

·         - Think about dividing content into topics or modules with a quiz in between. It doesn’t have to all be in one step (remember you have 8 other steps to use)


Regardless of the content that you include in your inductions, this is your chance to build a great induction program that welcomes new staff to your company, affirms your vision and values and communicates the right message to your employees, contractors and suppliers.  


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