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Contractor Management System Australia: Developed and supported in Australia

When choosing a contractor management system, it's important to know where it's created and developed. Where is your data and how is it being used? Where is the system being supported from? Is it a US company that has an Australian office or an Australian founded and supported company? When it comes to the due diligence required on contractors working in your workplace, its critical that you have the local support, local knowledge and expertise around our contractor framework.

Using our contractor management software you can ensure a full end to end solution for management of all contractors and subcontractors covering compliance checks, prequalification, contractor onboarding, management and verification of licenses and certifications, insurances, offboarding, performance and time on site.

Developed in Australia

Our contractor management system is proudly developed in Australia and operated out of Perth, Melbourne and Tasmania. Where is your data located?

Manage contractor compliance

Our software is specifically designed to help you demonstrate due diligence as a person conducting business or undertaking (PCBU) with regards to managing contractors under the law. Using our contractor management system you can ensure the full compliance of all contractors and subcontractors. Have oversight and manage all tickets, licenses and training materials, ensure that the supply chain process is fully integrated into contractor management, manage all subcontractors and relationships to contracting companies, track contractors on site and properly onboard all contractors into the specific workplace they are working in.

Things to consider

Is the contractor management system outsourcing your software and data to third world countries?

What regulations, privacy and data protection rules are in place in those countries?

Do they have a local customer / sales team but the development is offshore?

Ask to speak to a developer!

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