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Published 07/10/2021

Contractor Verification System
- Best practice contractor verification software

Contractor verification is a major process for the ongoing managing of contractor companies, their contractor staff and subcontractors they engage. It typically involves verification of their compliance, safety history, performance and capability, procedures and policies, important engagement and safety materials they need to provide as part of being engaged to perform work at an organisation or site.

It's more important than ever to ensure you know what's going on with your contractors on site. In many regions you need to demonstrate due diligence as a person conducting business or undertaking (PCBU) with regards to contractors working in your workplace under the law. Even if you have engaged another contracting company to manage contractors in your workplace, a contractor verification system can help you ensure that they are doing the right thing and that all contractors in your workplace are compliant and have been verified.

The Verification Process

Contractors provide a great deal of materials covering many different areas when they are engaged to work in a workplace. Typically these range from insurance cover for the specific type of work or activity they are undertaking through to evidence of training, certifications, licenses for their individual staff and providing copies of their procedures, safety systems in place and policies as well as history of safety incidents and LTIs.

Collecting these materials is done as part of the contractor prequalification process and once collected, there are multiple ways to actually verify them. If self verifying as a company, the core review status ranges from approved, pending, providing the material again and rejected. This is best done using contractor management software to systemise and easily manage the approvals. An alternative to self review and verification is using either AI technologies for real-time verification or an outsourced review and approval process. A combination of these are also really common as well.

See how the contractor verification system we've created works and how it might enhance your contractor verification process:

What happens when you don't verify contractors

With increasing regulations and constantly increasing and changing workplace risks, when contractors haven't been verified, it can be catastrophic when an incident happens and a contractors details haven't been verified.

Some of the problems and risks might include:

Contractors arrive on site without having a safety check which is a major business and safety risk
Contractors or subcontractors arrive on site without expired licenses or tickets unchecked
Bad safety habits introduced into your workplace because of unknown previous safety history
Increased risk safety incidents
Risk of causing new hazards
Poor performing contractors left unchecked
Contractors working on site that shouldn't be

What does a contractor verification system do

Ensures that all contractors have been checked and are compliant
Helps understand previous safety history and performance of contractors, should you use this contractor?
Provides deep intelligence around contractor activity, safety and compliance
Prevents non compliant contractors from working on site
Tracks where contractors are on site
Ensures all contractor safety materials, training and insurance documents are captured and up to date
Evaluates contractor safety performance
Contractor safety management
Is an ongoing verification tool around all contractors and subcontractors

Example Contractor Verification Items

Commonly the areas verified include:

Insurances, tickets, licenses, safety history, lost time injury history, safety procedures in place, do they induct their own staff?

Try our contractor verification platform

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