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Published 03/10/2021

Subcontractor Management Software
- Managing Subcontractors

Subcontractor management is a major part of a contractor management system where commonly a facility manager, compliance manager, safety manager or project manager manages the engagement, compliance, insurance and license checks, safety, job tasks and activities through to job completion and exit of subcontractors on their site or project. This often involves inducting subcontractors, prequalification, insurance and license checks and approvals, safety and performance review and feedback. If you manage subcontractors, it's important that they are inducted, are compliant, tracked on site and properly managed especially around their certifications, licenses and insurances.

Presenting the step by step best practice options for subcontractor management and how to keep on top of your subcontractors with tools, apps and subcontractor software setup.

Start by inducting your subcontractors

All subcontractors need to be inducted before they start working on site.
Before each subcontractor is engaged to work on site or begin their job, they need to do a full induction on that specific worksite covering important safety and site hazards as well as ensuring they are properly ensured and approved for working on site.

Every individual subcontractor needs to be compliant, they should also be given the tools to report and be aware of hazards and incidents that occur in the workplace while working in their role. Inductions should be based on risk level. High risk work should be a more comprehensive high risk induction versus low risk subcontractors who might do a smaller low risk induction.

Know who subcontracts to a head contractor

When managing so many contractors, understanding who subcontracts to who can be overwhelming. Are there any breaks in the compliance chain when it comes to contractors and their subcontractors? Does that break in the chain due to a non compliance result in an issue for your head contractor? This is where mappying contractor and subcontractor relationships kicks in as a major subcontractor management piece in having oversight of contractors and their relationships and compliance status.

You may have an extensive prequalification process for your contractors but not your subcontractors. Who is subcontracting to your contractors?

A contractor may be approved to work on site but what about their subcontractors? using a proper subcontractor management process you can also ensure all subcontractors have gone through an extensive prequalification process and approval process. Know who all the subcontractors are and who they subcontract to.

Subcontractor Org Chart

Part of mapping subcontractor relationships and who subcontracts to who is via a subcontractor org chart. You can fully map out all subcontractors with a proper subcontractor org chart knowing which subcontractors are contracting to which principle contractors. Fully map all the relationships together.
Create a Subcontractor Org Chart

Subcontractor Performance Management

For long term subcontractor relationships, set up proper review processes to check and review the safety performance of your subcontractors. Should they remain a preferred and approved subcontractor 12 months on?

- rate subcontractors based on their safety and risk history
- rate subcontractors based on the number of incidents they have had
- rate subcontractors on their job task or activity
- get feedback from site about the subcontractor
- get feedback from the head contractor that engaged them

Should they remain a preferred and approved contractor?

Track subcontractors on site, checked in and out, where are they now?

Track all subcontractors on site! who is on site right now, for how long, when did they check in and check out? how many sign ins has the subcontractor had today and in the last month?

Using our subcontractor management software you can properly track all subcontractor movements!

Make sure subcontractors are inducted
Map subcontractors to which contractors they contract to
Who are all the subcontractors?
Make sure subcontractors are approved and prequalified, do you want them subcontracting?
Ensure subcontractors are compliant and ensured
Track subcontractor movements on site, check in and check out times, who is available right now
Review subcontractor performance

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