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Best Contractor Management Tips for Managing Trades in the Workplace

The reason why some business operations flourish better than others is mostly dependent on the management style. Striking a balance between keeping your contractors motivated yet ensuring high productivity is critical for the success of your project.

For this reason, we are discussing the top five tips to ensure proper management of contractors and trades within your workplace to ensure optimum results.

Time management

When we mention time management, it might sound obvious, but you need to understand the concept as it is a critical aspect for any operation to succeed. Most contractors perform non-routine roles on site, meaning that sometimes managing their work might prove challenging. Mischievous contractors can use this to sabotage the job, and if you are not careful, you might end up making huge losses in the process.

To curb this, here are a few approaches you can adapt to ensure your contractors and trades run according to your schedule;
- Set targets: break down your project into smaller segments and then set time frames for each section to be completed. Having shorter targets will make it easy for you to monitor the progress of the project.
- Give fixed contracts: contractors working on fixed-term work more efficiently than those with open end contracts. And of course, having fixed term contract is advantageous as it allows to 'test for fit'; in simpler terms, you will test the contractors' quality of work, and if it does not meet your expectation, you can replace them.


Having a good and efficient form of contact with the team ensures that everyone is on the same page. When everyone knows their roles and expectations, they are likely to be more committed to their work. The following tips will help you improve communication within the workplace.
- Have morning briefing: Set some time in the morning every day to hold briefs with the contractors before the work begins. Discuss the previous day's activities and also set targets for the day ahead. By doing so, the contractors will strive to hit the targets set.
- Open communication: making it easy for the contractors to reach you on the phone or face to face is essential to ensure that they reach out to you whenever they face challenges. In the event where there are many contractors, form clear lines of communication and authority to effect constructive dialogue.
- Create awareness: let the contractors know the potential hazards within site, safety rules, and procedures, actions to take during an emergency, available first aid facilities, etc. A lot of accidents occur when there is poor communication especially when staff members are not aware of contractors' presence onsite.


You will be surprised how little gestures uplift your team to better employees; this includes contractors. If you are wondering how you can motivate your contractors; here are a few ideas that guarantee results.

- Address them by name: Knowing your contractors by names will give them a sense of importance; making them feel that you are interested in knowing them at a personal level, not just to get work done. In situations where you are dealing with too many contractors, at least make an effort. They will appreciate it.
- Give compliments where it is due: proper recognition for a job well done is a great motivator. Also, it is highly likely that the next assignment will be done as good.
- Occasional treats: It doesn't have to be an expensive treat; something as simple as serving a cold lemonade on a hot afternoon, or giving your contractors lunch is a great way to make them appreciated.

Record keeping

Keeping proper records to monitor the progress of the project is a great tool to help you in managing contractors. Recording the development of the work will enable you to track the progress closely. It works by doing the following;

- Keep a journal: record your observations, expectations and any questions that you would like to discuss with the contractors; this will help to keep track for the actual progress.
- Regular reviews: holding regular one on one meetings to review the progress of the project, decide on better effective methods to carry out duties and how to go about it.
- Track expenditure: the truth is, most of the time you are working with contractors; there is a high chance of exceeding the budget. Keeping records on the expenditure will help you to monitor funds closely so as not to exceed by a wide margin.

Conducive working conditions

The conditions of a workplace determine the productivity of the employees greatly. When contractors have a conducive working environment, they are likely to do their work better. To ensure that your site is favorable, here are a few things to consider;

- Shared facilities: provision of clean resting/break rooms or areas for breaks and meals onsite and having clean washrooms. The concern about the hygiene of workers is essential to their health and safety within site.
- Positive interactions: The staff should be friendly to the contractors. Good communication creates positive energy among employees, hence increasing productivity.
- Risk management: No one wants to work at a place prone to accidents and injuries; ensure that the workplace is as risk-free as possible for all the people working there.

Managing contractors can be a daunting process especially if you do not know how to go about it.
Effective management of contractors and trades rely highly on being in control. The tips shared in this article give an insight into how to gain the power to get the results you desire.

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