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Best Practice Contractor Prequalification Service

Best practice all starts with using a contractor prequalification service that allows you to de-risk your contractor engagement and management and ensure that you have properly evaluated the risk and safety history of your contracting companies before they start work on site. Using a prequalification service allows you to ensure contractor companies have received the correct training and hold evidence of this for the job task or activity they are about to undertake at your workplace.

It allows you to have a due diligence conducted on their safety history and performance and ensure they are compliant as both an organisation and for their individual staff. With all these areas together you can categorise the contracting company by risk level and assess whether they should be a preferred and approved contractor.

Using an external Contractor Prequalification Partner

If using a contractor prequalification service as an external partner, all these areas are taken care of for you as a fully managed prequalification review process for your contracting companies. Before any contracting company starts work for you, the representative of that company would register and proceed through the contractor prequalification service. Once approved, they would then show as an approved contracting company for you to further assign work orders and job tasks to as an approved contractor to come in on site. This gives you the confidence that they have been properly evaluated and reviewed through an extensive risk, safety and performance history assessment.

Insurance Risks and Assessment

Another area addressed is does the contractor hold the right kind of insurance for the work they are undertaking at your workplace. If your contractor who is not correctly insured and causes an incident, your organisation may be liable regardless of fault. What if the contracting company has a poor incident history or are you even aware of what incidents they've had in the last 12 months? Would you want them working at your workplace with that kind of safety record elsewhere? Have they had any notifiable breaches to the regulator? Do they have their own safety record keeping and systems in place? Using a contractor prequalification service as an external partner will assess and rank all these categories.

Contractor Prequalification Verification

Verification can be extremely timely, especially if there is a great volume of contractor materials to review and assess. From insurances and licenses through to certifications, evidence of systems, policies and procedures in place, there may be a lot of back and forth with the contractor company to ensure they upload and provide the right materials in order to complete the prequalification registration process. Visually sighting and reviewing each item in order to verify it valid, authentic and compliant is a core part of using an external contractor prequalification partner.

Missing Information

A major gap with many organisations is that they don't capture the complete picture when it comes to their contractors. Missing or incomplete information about the safety history, risk level and suitability of contractors can be the difference between preventing an incident or being liable for one. A property contractor prequalification service will ensure nothing is missed and liaise directly with the contractor to chase any incomplete details.

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