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Why do you need a Contractor Survey to engage your Contractors?

Contractor surveys allow companies to closely investigate/inquire into their contractors, these surveys empower the company to collect a variety of information that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Contractor surveys can be used both to gather information on potential/current contractors and as part of the recruiting process. The information gathered is then able to assist in making decisions concerning that contractor. For example, whether or not there are any issues that the contractor has that need to be addressed before they come onboard. This information can be vital in helping companies keep or develop a competitive edge in their market.

When inquiring about a new contractor there are a number of potential pitfalls to be aware of. If you don't spend the time to look for them, they may only become apparent when you sign the contractor up and even then, that may only occur when the contractor is unable to fulfil their part of the contract. With contractor surveys you are able to investigate their current financial status. You are also able to review feedback regarding their previous contracts, allowing you to see how they have performed in the past.

Contractor surveys can be undertaken upon the (or close to the) completion of a job. This allows for the contractor to provide feedback and for any concerns that they may have, to be addressed. It is an important feature for if the contractor's complaints are not addressed sufficiently or acknowledged correctly before the contract is complete then they may leave/ spread negative comments on social media or other notable places where other potential contractors can view them. This will have a detrimental effect on your company's future chances of hiring contractors.

Checking on the quality of inductions is another important area that the survey can highlight. Questions that are able to be answered include 'How much of the information they were presented with was retained?' 'Was the information they needed to know available?' 'Was it felt that all of the information contained was actually relevant? These sorts of questions help to highlight weaker areas that need to be addressed. This then opens the way for improvements and changes to be made for future contractors.

Surveys grant the chance to answer other important questions about contractors such as 'why have they chosen to be a contractor?' this can lead into questions such as do their 'values align with your company's?' and 'what does it mean if a conflict arises?' Understanding the work and safety priorities of your contractors can help avoid certain conflicts. Most contractors will be up to date with the latest safety protocols however, how strictly do they follow them? If your company is strict on safety and they are not, what will you do? Do they understand the intricacies of the safety concerns with your company or the site(s) they are going to be interacting with or working at?

Although optional, contractor surveys are important information gathering tools. When used wisely they can lead (as evidenced above) to great benefits for your company and the contractors that you employ.

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